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Ejaculation Mastery

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Please note this program will be available May 1, 2023

What do I mean by Ejaculation Mastery? 

Miriam Webster's definition of Mastery is: 

  1. a: the authority of a master : DOMINION b: the upper hand in a contest or competition : SUPERIORITY, ASCENDANCY
  2. a: possession or display of great skill or technique b: skill or knowledge that makes one master of a subject : COMMAND

Asking me to “fix premature ejaculation” is one of two most common requests I get from men, and of the two it is the simplest thing to do. 

I have spent over 15 years working with sexuality, hands on.  I can confidently say I know my way around a man’s body and it’s ejaculation reflex process. 

Ejaculation mastery - as I teach it -  is not about fixing a problem, that is thinking about it the wrong way, and why traditional popular attempts to fix premature ejaculation fail, or even make the situation worse.  Sometimes even spiraling a man into performance anxiety and sabotaging his erections. 

Look at the language I am using here.  I teach YOU how to have control over your ejaculations, I do not  “fix premature ejaculation.”  The former is empowering you to have understanding and control over your process, which is the only way to feel fully confident that you can participate fully and be able to release when you want to.  The latter is this idea that some outside influence is going to fix something that is wrong with you.  

I will tell you right now, if you have premature ejaculation there is nothing wrong with you.  Your body is doing exactly what a body is supposed to do according to its biological imperative.  All you need to do is switch programs and learn the skills and techniques so that you can last during intercourse as long as you want to. 

Often when the subject of premature ejaculation is approached, it is with the concept that arousal and ejaculation are something to stave off, where arousal comes from outside of themselves, where it’s avoiding a thing.  There is a complete lack of personal sexual agency, and really, a very low degree of personal sexual awareness. 

If you block sensation with a cream or a substance that renders you unable to feel pleasure as intensely you might inhibit ejaculation - but then you might not, since it is a reflex.  And if you’re even more unaware of your body and have even less connection to and control over your arousal you may actually have less control if you can feel less. I will expand on why numbing is so detrimental later on, when I discuss presence and creating pleasure in your partner. 

If you take drugs which mess with brain chemicals and sexual energy, you may render yourself with difficulty ejaculating, but it will not improve your sex life or give you mastery over your ejaculation. 

What I teach is a masterful sense of awareness over your body and it’s arousal process, control over your arousal and your sexual energy and the ability to cultivate very high degrees of sexual arousal, energy and pleasure - to the point where it could be described as ecstasy - and the ability to choose when you ejaculate.  

This is about choice, and personal agency. You may choose to ejaculate quickly if you desire, or to last longer.  You may choose to be a masterful lover with a partner, or to show up inadequately and in a lazy or unrefined way, but it is your choice to do so.  That in itself provides a degree of self confidence and sexual self assurance which will do wonders for masculine self esteem, attraction, and capacity for intimacy. 

What you are going to learn with this program is

  • How to tune into your body and know exactly where you are on the arousal scale at any given time, if 9.5/10 is the point of no return, you’ll be able to allow yourself to play in the 7-9 arena and enjoy it for as long as you want to, even edging up into 9.4’s or into non ejaculatory orgasms if you wish.
  • How to increase your capacity for pleasure.  One man’s 9.5 may only be another man’s 2. If you expand your capacity for pleasure, you can enjoy higher and higher degrees of arousal, pleasure and even ecstasy, turning sex into a real high level experience for both you and your partner. 
  • How to cultivate and expand your arousal, and how to work in erotic elements using just your mind. 
  • How to control your arousal and ejaculation using the proprietary Arousal Management Process, developed over a decade of hands on erotic massage and hypnosis. 
  • How to stack arousal in your lover so that they have higher levels of pleasure than they thought possible
  • The secret sauce of penetration, what makes it feel electric vs “is it in?”
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A comprehensive teaching program that teaches you everything you need to know for full control of your arousal


Ejaculation Mastery

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